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District News

School Delays and Closures

In the event that it is necessary to close schools or delay opening because of extreme weather conditions or other unusual circumstances, local radio and television stations will be notified. A decision will be made and conveyed to these stations by approximately 5:30 a.m. If no announcement has been broadcast by 6:00 a.m., it should be assumed that school will operate on the regular schedule. Information will also be posted prominently on the front page of the school district website (www.qsd.wednet.edu) as “Urgent News.” When possible, we will also use our automated phone calling system to notify parents and staff members.      

 For late starts, buses will operate on the regular routes or winter emergency routes as necessary, but on the delayed schedule. Winter emergency route information will be distributed to parents and posted on our website. For winter emergency routes, buses will stop at designated bus stops where parents are responsible to meet the bus to drop off or pick up their students. To assure the safety of all, students who are not met at the bus stop will be returned to school.

 Parents should make alternate plans for their children in case of an emergency closure or early dismissal. When appropriate, the school office should be notified in writing of such arrangements. In the event of an early dismissal, elementary students will be dismissed only after the parent or guardian has been contacted by school officials.

 In the event of a delayed opening, AM Preschool classes will be canceled.         

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 En el evento que sea necesario de cerrar las escuelas o de empezar tarde por condiciones extremos del tiempo o otras circunstancias no muy común, las siguientes estaciones locales de radios y televisiones serán notificados. Una decisión será hecha y pasada a estas estaciones aproximadamente a las 5:30 a.m. Si no han anunciado por la radio o televisión para la 6:00 a.m., debe suponer que la escuela va operar al horario regular. La información también será fijada muy a la vista de la primera página del sitio Web de distrito escolar (www.qsd.wednet.edu) como `Noticias Urgentes.` Cuando posible, también usaremos nuestro sistema de vocación de teléfono automatizado para notificar a padres y empleados.

 Para empiezas tardes, los autobuses van a operar en las rutas regulares o rutas de emergencias del invierno como necesario, pero en el horario de empiezo tarde. Información para rutas de emergencia en el invierno serán distribuidas a padres y fijadas en nuestro sitio Web. Para rutas de emergencia en el invierno, autobuses se van a parar en paradas designadas para el autobús donde padres son responsables para encontrar el autobús para dejar o recoger a sus estudiantes. Para asegurar la seguridad de todos, estudiantes que no sean encontrados en la parada del autobús serán regresados a la escuela.

 Padres deben hacer otros planes para sus hijos en caso de cerrada por emergencia o salida temprana. Cuando apropiado, la oficina de la escuela debe ser notificada por escrito de tal arreglo. En el evento de salida temprana, estudiantes de la escuela Elemental serán soltados solamente después de que los padres o guardianes han sido contactados por oficiales de la escuela. En el evento de que la escuela empieza tarde, las clases de Prescuela por la mañana se cancelan.

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District SES Website Information

After School Tutoring Available!

Your child may be eligible for free extra tutoring/instruction through Title I Supplemental Education Services!

Applies only to students enrolled at the following schools:

Pioneer Elementary, George Elementary, Monument Elementary, Quincy Jr. High

For more information about tutoring providers please visit:  http://www.k12.wa.us/TitleI/SES/Statewide.aspx

If you would like more information, please contact your school office. 

Tutoring Applications





Supplemental Services in Quincy


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Dr Robert Brooks


Dr. Robert Brooks’ delivered a key note address to the QSD staff entitled, The Power of Mindsets: Creating a Positive School Climate. He  asked us to “connect the dots backwards” in order to recall the events that have impacted our present lives and he reminded us that even the most successful adults have had at least one “charismatic adult” in their lives without whom they may not have achieved success.   We watched a YouTube video of Pharrell Williams explaining that without the support of his band teacher, he would not be where he is today.   Through his humorous and touching stories, Bob Brooks helped us understand that a basic feature of a positive mindset is “To believe that all children from birth want to learn and be successful.” Instead of believing that students are unmotivated, Bob described how students are often dominated by “avoidance motivation” in order to protect themselves from feeling embarrassed and humiliated.  He suggested that:  If we believe all students are motivated to learn and if we understand and that students practice “avoidance motivation,” it will empower us to create “motivating environments” where students can thrive and achieve at high levels. When students are failing we have to ask ourselves what we can do differently rather than expecting the students to change first.   Finally, Dr. Brooks discussed three basic needs that must be met for students to be motivated to learn. 

  1. The need to belong and feel connected (and let’s add the word welcome): When any member of the school environment feels alienated, learning and achievement will be compromised and anger and resentment will become dominant features
  2. The need for self-determination and autonomy, which are significant features of a sense of ownership and resilience: What input and choices do all members of a school community feel they have?  Do they feel their voice is being heard and respected?
  3. The need to feel competent: To identify and reinforce each child’s “islands of competence”  

I would like to ask that we begin to challenge ourselves by eliminating the words lazy and unmotivated from our vocabulary and to empower each other by asking what we can do differently to help student learn.   I will be looking to highlight examples of staff creating “motivating environments” at different times throughout the school year so please email me if you or your colleagues have examples to share and we will highlight these in on our website and in publications.  I will email these examples to Dr. Brooks and who knows, we just might find our way into Dr. Brooks’ next keynote address.  

Powerpoint presentation

Student Mindset article

Teacher Mindset article

Dr. Robert Brooks website


John L. Boyd


Quincy School District


Quincy School District Selects John Boyd as Next Superintendent

John Boyd 150Quincy School District’s Board of Directors selected John Boyd from a field of three finalists to serve as the district’s next superintendent. Mr. Boyd currently serves as Executive Director of Instructional Leadership in Highline School District in Burien. Highline School District has a student enrollment of more than 18,000 students.

“The board was impressed with Mr. Boyd’s work in his current position as Executive Director of Instructional Leadership, where he focused on working one-on-one with principals to develop their instructional leadership and help them improve student achievement,” said Board President Tricia Lubach. “His work with principals includes using student data, meaningful professional feedback and ongoing professional development to ensure that every student receives the support and rigorous instruction needed to succeed academically. He has a strong background in ELL (English Language Learners) and is bilingual in English and Spanish, which is a good fit for Quincy School District, where almost 86% of students are Hispanic/Latino and many speak Spanish as their native language.” Mr. Boyd received high ratings from the participants who provided feedback to the board throughout the search process, including parents, community members, students and QSD staff members.

Mr. Boyd has worked in the Seattle and Edmonds School Districts since 1992, including three years in his current position, where he focuses on instructional leadership, school operations and working with the Senior Leadership Team.  Previously, he was Principal of Chief Sealth International High School for seven years and Principal of the Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center for four years.  He has teaching and administrative experience at elementary, middle and high school levels, including English Language Learners (ELL) and bilingual instruction. Mr. Boyd is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Current QSD superintendent, Dr. Burton Dickerson, is retiring at the end of the 2013-2014 school year after leading the district for seven years. The board contracted with Northwest Leadership Associates to assist with the superintendent search.


Common Core State Standards

Have questions about the new Common Core State Standards? Visit the Common Core information page.



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