The Quincy School District services a far-flung geographic area covering approximately 450 square miles. Before there even was a Grant County, this area was served by many one-room schools. Wherever settlers homesteaded, schools sprang up: Trinidad, Winchester, Frenchman Hills, Burke, and in every compass direction around the present site of Quincy.

During the summer of 1903, the first regular school building in Quincy was erected and 50 students enrolled that September. By 1905, enrollment had jumped from 56 to 165, or a little over 300% in two years. In 1909, Quincy became an accredited high school, at that time employing three teachers. 1911 saw the first graduating class with two young people receiving their diplomas. As the children in the outlying areas grew up, more of them came to town for high school, and by 1922 there were buses from many of these communities bringing the children to Quincy.

old_one_roomA three story wooden building was constructed in 1907 at a cost of $13,000. this structure housed all twelve grades. This school served the people of Quincy long and well, 31 years all told. A new building was built in 1938 at a cost of $90,000. This building also held all the grades until consolidation and water came to Quincy. In 1942, the last of the one-room schools in the area was consolidated into the Quincy School District.

But then, the real boom started: the population of Quincy skyrocketed in the early 1950's as farmers came to work the newly irrigated land. Their children came too and schools needed to be built.

In 1909, when Grant County was formed, the Quincy School District consisted of 108 students and five teachers. As of 1998, the District had a staff of eight administrators, 124 certified teachers, 101 classified suport staff and an average of 2176 lively young children. In 2006, our staff has grown to 150 certified teachers servicing 2300 students from Preschool to 12th grade.

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