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2018-19 School Improvement Goals

Priority 1:  Reading      

Goal: Students will continually meet or exceed the State Uniform bar in reading for all disaggregated groups as defined by NCLB.

  • The one-year NWEA normed growth will be met by every student.
  • A Reading Services Delivery Model was developed to clarify how reading instruction is organized at the junior high level including eligibility for after school tutoring in reading must continue and be refined.
  • Introduction of the Engage New York  curriculum in the English/Language Arts classrooms beginning in the 2015-16 school year.
  • Sustained additional meeting time scheduled for Reading/Language Arts teachers for collaboration and discussion of curriculum and assessment; common prep periods scheduled for 7th and 8th grade Reading/LA teachers along with the integration of ELA curriculum with the social studies curriculum. 
  • Assess effectiveness of an intervention reading class to address the needs of students who are two or more years behind in reading.
  • Reading/Language Arts SMART goals are developed yearly.
  • GLAD training for 13 of 23 teachers in the building and 12 of 23 teachers have received AVID training.


Priority 2:  Math

Goal:  Students will meet or exceed the State Uniform bar in mathematics for all disaggregated groups as defined by NCLB. 

  • The one-year NWEA individualized normed target growth will be met by all students.
  • Continued after school tutoring provided for students 4 days each week in math.
  • Implementation of Pre-Algebra curriculum as part of overall k-12 curriculum adoption process which supports best practice instruction and aligned to Common Core standards.  For the 8th grade we offer Algebra for all students. 
  • Purchase of new technology to enhance mathematics instruction for all students, and assist teachers in the implementation of new curriculum materials included document cameras and LCD projectors and interactive white boards in selected classes. 
  • SuccessMaker – Skills and Concepts 2 web based computer intervention program introduced in the 2008-09 school year.  Students in intervention block classes receive four, 20 minute sessions per week for at least one semester a year.  Students also receive additional instructional support by previewing the content standards prior to the delivery in class.


Priority 3:  Curriculum and Instructional Strategies

Goal:  Staff will coordinate curriculum, content, and instructional strategies across all subject areas and grade levels.

    • Integrate the principles of effective teaching for students in generational poverty as provided by Eric Jensen.
    • GLAD and AVID materials have been placed on the school district’s shared network for all staff to use.
    • Ongoing professional staff development in instructional strategies (AVID and GLAD and other appropriate, research based strategies) have been provided by staff. 
    •  GLAD training for 13 of 23 building teachers and AVID training for 12 of 23 teachers.
    • Use of strategies that are successful for struggling readers and ELL students such as:  word walls and other vocabulary strategies, journaling, framed and summarizing. 
    • Implementation of best practices in working with ELL and low achieving students. 
    • Implementation of the AVID Excel program beginning in the 2015-16 school year.
    • Training provided to the staff on Big 6 research program.
    • School wide emphasis on the implementation of selected AVID practices.  Those include the use of Cornell Notes and the emphasis on student organization.

Priority 4:  Parent/Community Involvement

Goal:  Meaningful parent/community involvement will increase.

  • Student Project Night designed to showcase student work and provide opportunities for parents to see a wide variety of instructional activities; academic themed nights throughout the year are currently scheduled.  Continuation of a SBAC awareness parentnight allows parents to experience SBAC-style questions and gain a greater understanding of what steps QMS has taken to increase student achievement in mathematics.  Dinner and prizes were provided as well as translators to increase parent /family participation.  
  • Annual parent/teacher/student Compact/AVID Night outlining QMS instructional objectives and student responsibilities. Dinner is catered by a local restaurant.
  • Continue the established Open House in September to invite parents to meet teachers and become familiar with classroom and building expectations.  This event is advertised in the local newspaper and food was served to accommodate family needs. Staff prepared display boards that provided program information for parents to view.
  • Teachers continue the practice of making positive phone calls and sending post cards to parents within the first month of school.
  • Continue the revised conference schedule adjusted to include two evening sessions, thus allowing more working parents to attend without hardship.  We have student-led conferences that are organized through the advisory program.
  • Adoption of the new Skyward grading program that gives parents the opportunity to view their child’s grades and progress on line daily.
  • Automated phone calling system used to inform parents of their child’s unexcused absences and special school events.
  • Coordination with Quincy Valley Medical Center and Community Health for counseling services as needed.
  • Coordination with Grant Mental Health Care that allows for services to be provided on site during the school day.
  • College Night offered in March allows parents and students the opportunity to "visit" up to seven colleges and get financial aid information.
  • Parent Academy provides staff the opportunity to work with parents on how to use the Skyward and Naviance programs.  Parent/Student success strategies are also shared with parents.

Quincy Middle School

16 6th Ave SE
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: (509)787-4435
Fax: (509)787-8949

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-3:30

Principal: Mr. Scott Ramsey
Vice Principal: Mr. Greg Martinez

Administrative Assistant:
Ms. Perez
Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Valdez
Dean of Students:
Mr. Wallace
School Counselors:
Mrs. Goslin & Mr. Vaca-Mendoza
Parent Liaison:
Miss. Romero
Athletic Director:
Mrs. Goninan

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