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Quincy School District will be closing until at least April 24 as per Governor Inslee executive order as a precaution of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning is an ongoing thing and shouldn’t stop for closures. We want to make sure your students have some opportunities to continue their learning. The following is our suggestions for students.

  1. All on-line classes are always available-APEX, ALEKS, and Plato
  2. QIA on-line and Open Doors- no weekly hours or weekly meetings 
  3. Teacher support is available (same process and procedures as weekend support)
  4. Crash labs may be recorded on your phones to share later.
  5. Projects you can continue to work on these-make sure you take any necessary supplies home.
  6. Autobiographies can be continued either handwritten or typed.
  7. Pick up a novel in room 5 and write your reflection.
  8. Write up and finish any of your reflections.
  9. Some new reflection ideas: these could be used in your autobiography as a reflection of your 6 weeks out of school.
  10. Week 1-How do you feel about not attending school for the next six weeks?
  11. Week 2-Interview a parent, sibling, friend, or grandparent about their experiences with the coronavirus. How have their schedules changes? How are they feeling about the events sweeping the nation? Or write about how you’re feeling.
  12. Week 3-Boredom-This is your third week at home, and at this point you are probably removed from your friends and social group. Most people are probably feeling some sense of boredom. How are you preventing yourself form getting bored? What does boredom look like amidst a pandemic? Or write about how you are feeling.
  13. Week 4 -Keeping it positive: Keeping positive in difficult situations is not always easy, but essential. How are you, your family, and your friends making choices to keep things positive? Is positivity a choice? Are you finding joy in unexpected places? 
  14. Week 6: Returning to school. How are you preparing to come back to school? What are you most looking for? 
  15. All internships and job shadows are postponed.
  16. Seniors there will be no senior presentations as a graduation requirement for the school district. Seniors as soon as any guidance is available, Mrs. Brown will be in contact with you. As for now continue your learning and working as if we were in school every day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Brown. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  17. You may check out a chrome book if you would like, please make sure it is the one assigned to you and your teachers will help you do this and fill out the necessary paperwork. 
  18. Please give your cell number, parents cell number, and parent and student email addresses (school) so we can stay in communication. 

Quincy Innovation Academy

404 1st Avenue SW
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-787-1678
Fax: 509-787-1680

Hours: Mon 9:30-3:00, Tues-Fri: 8:00-3:00

Principal: Kathie Brown

Administrative Assistant:
Mary Garza

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