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Masking FAQ


When will families, students and staff be able to remove their masks indoors?

Per Governor Inslee’s update to the mandatory statewide mask mandate, masks will become optional in MOST indoor locations beginning March 12.

Should I get rid of my mask?

Please do not discard your masks at this point as the COVID-19 situation can change quickly. We ask that you hang on to your mask and cleaning supplies/sanitizers for a while longer as we monitor school and county cases and adjust requirements as necessary.

Are there places on school grounds where masks will still need to be worn?

Yes. These areas will be clearly marked so everyone can mask up before entering. These places include:

  • Nurse/Health Room
  • Isolation Room
  • COVID-19 testing area

Everyone must wear a mask if:

  • They have COVID-19 symptoms 

  • They are returning from COVID illness on day 6-10 without a negative test. If they have a negative test, they will not need to wear a mask to return on day 6 after symptoms began.  

Are masks required on school buses?

Masks are NOT required on school buses, they are optional.

Can students still wear a mask indoors if they feel comfortable doing so or are health-compromised?

Yes. Anyone can continue to wear a mask if they prefer to do so or if they need to for personal or medical reasons. Quincy School District will continue to stress that the right to wear a mask shall be respected by all individuals within the Quincy community. 

What are schools going to continue to do to prevent or stop the spread of COVID19?

  • All school district facilities will continue to use enhanced air filters and increased air flow into all facilities.  

  • Students and staff with COVID19 like symptoms will still need to isolate. CLICK HERE for the updated Department of Health COVID19 Symptom and Exposure Flowchart for additional details.  

  • Quincy School District will provide home testing kits to staff and students that have symptoms or have been exposed to a positive case of COVID19. 

  • Staff, volunteers, and vendors still need to show proof of a COVID19 vaccination or have an approved exemption.