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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

chalkboard with message "To my teacher, read the submitted thank you messages."
Teacher Appreciation Week- May 6th-10th 
This year in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we asked former and current students as well as parents to share anecdotes or express gratitude about a teacher who has profoundly influenced them. Below are there messages:
From: Andrea Birrueta (current student)
To: Mrs. Antonia Ronish
Thank you for putting up with our loud and talkative class. Your a really good teacher and I appreciate everything you do for us. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
From: Owen Yeates (current student)
To: Mr. Turner
Turner is the best teacher I have ever had he is such a great person and is great at teaching!
From: Maricruz Lopez (former student)
To: Mrs. Youngren
I met Mrs.Youngren during my sophomore year! It was her first year teaching choir here in Quincy and her class was so fun! Everyday I was excited to see her. She made choir feel so safe! Thank you Mrs. Youngren for making me feel at home in your class!
From: Josue Navarro (current student)
To: Mr. Stagg
I remember it was the 2nd day of the school year and he was giving a lecture on biology and he drifted away to a life lesson in which he brought up that in order to study biology one has to be curious to ask questions, one has to be humble to learn new information, one has to be patient with themselves when things get hard. He said “You’re only a human take some breaks and try again” I never forgot that lesson.
From: Josue Navarro (current student)
To: Mr. Heikes
There is a core memory that never left me when I was a freshman. It was back in quarantine where everything was online and he was telling the class about the lamp assignment and no one was answering and he gave the class a speech he said “You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable”. I never forgot that since and have applied that in my life, because of him I have done things that I didn’t think were possible for me.
From: Destiny Torres (current student)
To: Ms. Maden
Ms.Maden is the kind of teacher that goes out of her way to make sure her students are getting the appropriate education. I see everyday how much she loves her job and her genuine care for her students. Even though we don’t tell her, but we see and value everything she does for our class. She tries her hardest to give us the best possible at all times. I really do appreciate all the hard work she puts into our class.
From: Manuel Vedusco (current student)
To: Mrs. Mejia
Mrs. Mejia is the perfect teacher. She is nice and kind and whenever I am struggling she always helps me out. She is also super fun and is a really good teacher.
From: Aimee Herrera (current student)
To: Mrs. Mejia
Our teacher always helps us learn in different and fun ways. She helps us understand what we are doing. She is the perfect teacher.
From: Bella Martinez (current student)
To: Mrs. Mejia
Mrs. Mejia is nice and is always there for us when we are feeling down. She never yells at us and is willing to help us when we are sad. When we are in trouble she helps us in a nice way learn from our mistakes.
From: Eden Renteria (current student)
To: Mrs. Mejia
She helps us understand what we are learning about in a good way so that we don't forget what we learn. She is nice and kind. I love being in her class.
From: Angela Murillo (current student)
To: Mrs. Mejia
Mrs. Mejia is mostly like the perfect teacher. She helps us understand a bunch of things and teaches us what we are not supposed to do and what we are supposed to do. She makes us feel better when we do something bad. She is the most kind teacher I have ever met.
From: Allisson Rodriguez (current student)
To: Mrs. Mejia
She is the best teacher that I have ever had. She is always happy and when she feels bad we listen and she explains things to us and helps us. She talks to us in a way that we understand her and makes us feel special. She is the only teacher that makes me feel comfortable in my classroom.
From: Bailey Rodriguez (current student)
To: Mrs. Mejia
She is really really nice to us. She is one of the best teachers that I have ever had. Whenever we have a problem with our class she explains to us what we should and should not do.
From: Ammaya Garcia (current student)
To: Mrs. Mejia
She is nice and helps me out with stuff when I need help.
From: Andrea Cortes (former studen´╗┐t)
To: Mrs. Wallace
Mrs. Wallace motivated me to never give up even when life was difficult and challenging. She believed in me when no other teacher did and made sure I was on track to graduate despite my all my setbacks. Thank you Mrs. Wallace for always being there for me.
From: Johanaly Torres (current student)
To: Miss. Vhoom
Thank you for being here! Without Ms. Vhoom I wouldn’t be doing all these amazing things. Her encouragement since my freshman year has taken me out of my shell and made me try new things. I am thankful for the work she does and who she is to all of her students. She is someone that I know if I ever need help on whatever it may be she will be there to help me through it. She is an amazing teacher and I’m so glad to be able to spend my entire 4 years at QHS with her!
From: Megan Higgins (parent)
To: Mrs. Donovan
Mrs. Donovan has done a tremendous job working with my daughter. My daughter has made a lot of progress in her academic skills and her social emotional skills this school year, and Mrs. Donovan deserves a lot of credit for my daughter’s growth. Mrs. Donovan upholds high academic and behavioral standards in her classroom, teaches engaging lessons, and manages her students in a way that is firm but kind. Mrs. Donovan has been patient, compassionate, communicative, and dedicated, and my family is so fortunate to have had her as our daughter’s first grade teacher.
From: Megan Higgins (parent)
To: Mrs. Larson
Mrs. Larson is one of the most patient teachers I have ever encountered. She has an endless amount of compassion for the students who enter her classroom. She speaks to them with respect, kindness, and curiosity. Mrs. Larson is humorous, open, and creative. She approaches students with special needs in a way that honors their differences rather than trying to compare them to their typical peers. The world definitely needs more special education teachers like Mrs. Larson, teachers who will help students access the world around them rather than try to change them into what society sees as the norm. Mrs. Larson has helped my child improve her social emotional skills and communication with her peers. My child has made a lot of progress with her social skills, and she looks forward to her time and Mrs. Larson’s class because she knows she will be accepted exactly as she is.
From: Yesenia Garibay (parent)
To: Mrs. Henry
First I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Henry. She has been the biggest role model to both of my kids and they learned so much from her. My son, Danny is currently in her kindergarten class and she was also my daughter Carmen’s kindergarten teacher. She is incredibly kind. She teaches our children with so much kindness and respect. She validates their feelings and makes them feel so special. They trust her and know that she is not only their teacher, but a safe place for them. I owe her so much of my kids growth academically. We are so lucky to have her in our district!
From: Joanna Santana (former student)
To: Mrs. Averill
Mrs. Averill truly helped mold my love for marketing and all things business. More so, she helped me have the confidence necessary to be unapologetically myself as a business woman. She is an incredible educator, and deserves all the praise! Even now in her new role as administrator, she continues to teach other teachers well ­čÄë
From: Joanna Santana (former student)
To: Mrs. Murray
Supportive, reliable, dependable, wise and caring are all synonyms for April Murray! She cares so incredibly much about my success as her former student and has always championed for me in all aspects of life. In my current position, it is inspiring to be able to call her a role model! One of one, amazing and so deserving of all the love!
From: Joanna Santana (former st´╗┐udent)
To: Elizabeth and Ross Kondo
I have a particular memory of Mrs. Kondo from the 6th grade. While every day I felt excitement to simply attend her classroom — I can remember specifically always feeling an unmatched level of support. There was a day I cried at school, as some sixth graders do, and I immediately went to knock on Mrs. Kondos door. Unsurprisingly, I was met with what I needed- affirmations of love and support that I was doing okay and that everything would be okay.
In a way that is not entirely different, Mr. Kondo was also supportive. He inspired me as a designer and through him grew to love the creative side of marketing and business. Now, I know and 1ove the entire Adobe Creative Suite and it is because of his ability to spark interest in learners about daunting topics. His support and ability to always stay on top of the industry is truly unmatched. Even now, he finds ways to teach us all about new computer technology with such poise and wonder, which is arguably the best kind of teacher to be around as you learn something new.
Both teachers are great examples of who I hope to mold myself into as I navigate my way through figuring out what kind of teacher I want to be and need to be for students and future leaders.
From: Bella Bergman ´╗┐(current student)
To: Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones is one of the most influential teachers I have had an opportunity to be taught by. Lots of things she taught me almost 10 years ago I still apply to things I do in school now. Her dedication and commitment to help her students academically grow has made a life lasting impact on me. She is one of the biggest role models in my life and I strive to be like her when I grow up.
From: Yesenia Garibay (parent)
To: Mrs. Nieman
I am so grateful to have my daughter Carmen in Mrs. Nieman’s class. She is an amazing teacher. She always shows the kids how much she cares about them and Carmen trusts her so much. I have seen so much growth in my daughter academically and I owe that to Mrs. Nieman. I have had the privilege of being in her class and watch her teach and she is the best! My son Danny (who is in kindergarten) always reminds me that he has to be in Mrs. Nieman’s class when he’s in second grade and has even picked out his desk in there! Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Nieman!