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Quincy School District Joins Class Action Lawsuit Against Meta, YouTube, and Snapchat

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July 11, 2023
Quincy School District Joins Class Action Lawsuit Against Meta, YouTube, and Snapchat
Quincy, Washington - On June 13th, The Quincy School District Board of Directors proudly joined a multi-district class action lawsuit against social media giants Meta (formally Facebook), YouTube, and Snapchat. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of multiple school districts, alleges that the social media platforms have failed to provide safe environments for students, leading to social emotional and physical harm and disruption of learning environments.
The lawsuit seeks systemic changes to the companies' policies and practices, as well as financial damages incurred by the school districts as a result of the companies' alleged negligence.
Dr. Nik Bergman, Superintendent of the Quincy School District, stated, "As educators, our primary responsibility is to ensure a safe learning environment for our students. We are concerned about the negative impact that unsupervised and unrestricted use of these social media platforms can have on our students' mental health, academic performance, and overall wellbeing."
Dr. Bergman added, “The decision to join this lawsuit is not one the School Board takes lightly. Our primary responsibility is the welfare and education of our students, and we believe that these social media platforms have acted in a way that undermines that goal.”
Quincy School District, along with the other school districts involved in this action, hopes that this lawsuit will pressure Meta, YouTube, and Snapchat into revising their policies to better safeguard the interests and welfare of young users.
The District remains committed to working with parents, teachers, and community leaders to educate students about responsible digital citizenship while also pushing for tech companies to take more accountability.