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School Board Members

Student Member - Eliel Galicia

Student Board Representative





Student Member - Yanetzi Gonzalez

Student Board Representative





Student Member - Johanaly Torres

Student Board Representative





President - Rita Keene

Rita Keene

Position 4

Term Expires 2027 

My name is Rita Keene.
I have been a member of this community for over 50 years, attended all12 years in QSD, and raised 4 daughters who also attended school here.
My decision to run as a member of our school board is simple. I   am concerned with the direction the State of Washington is headed regarding school policies for the education of our children, therefore I see a need to change policies.
I want to find positive solutions that will respect and restore our parent's rights in education and uphold their moral values and desires for their children.
I want to see OPT-OUT forms provided for Comprehensive Sex education, surveys, and any counseling or treatments that our schools deem necessary without informing parents FIRST, aside from extreme physical emergencies, whereas they will be contacted at the earliest possibility.
Bring up state standards in reading and math, therefore assessing current curriculum.
Make our schools safe and see transparency to the public when dangerous issues arise.
Regain community values.
Adopt town hall meetings or a Facebook page to hear community concerns.

Vice-President - Chad Lower

Position 5 

Term Expires 2025

Chad Lower is a Central Washington University and University of Washington graduate and an accomplished pilot. Mr. Lower has worked for SkyWest Airlines and as a flight instructor for Big Bend Community College. As a member of the Quincy School District School Board, Mr. Lower would like to focus on supporting the district in their efforts to improve student achievement, be a sounding board and voice for our community at large, and help guide Quincy School District in our recovery from the pandemic. Chad currently lives in Quincy with his wife and children.

Director - Shannon Durfee

Position 3 

Term Expires 2027 



Born and raised in the tight-knit community of Quincy, WA, Shannon is a proud graduate of Quincy High School in 2004. After graduating, Shannon pursued higher education at Wenatchee Valley College for two years, setting the stage for a career marked by dedication and service. Career choices have taken Shannon from being in emergency dispatch service to owning her own business and providing administrative and digital services to others. She also thrives well in public relations. Current volunteer experiences include many years of serving in her local church, a secretary position for the Rotary Club for 3 years, leading a local 4H club for 2 years, and many other community involvement opportunities. Married to her high school sweetheart, Shannon is the proud parent of three children, all of whom are enrolled in Quincy schools.

Director - Tricia Lubach

Position 1

Term Expires 2025



Tricia Lubach was elected to the board in 2005. She works in Leadership Development at WSSDA (Washington State School Directors’ Association) providing support and training to school boards across the state. Prior to her employment there, she served on WSSDA’s Legislative Committee and is a 2013 graduate of Leadership WSSDA. Tricia's interest in the school board grew out of her many hours volunteering in classrooms, serving on school committees and hiring panels, and being involved in the school district's strategic planning process.
Her previous professional background is in public relations and communications. Tricia grew up in Walla Walla and earned her B.A. in Business Administration at Washington State University. Her husband, Terry, is a third-generation farmer and Quincy native. Their son is a Quincy High School graduate currently attending the University of Washington, and their daughter is a student in the Quincy School District.

Director - Dayana Ruiz

Position 2  

Term Expires 2027



Dayana Ruiz was raised in Quincy and is a K-12 alumni. She graduated from Central Washington University in 2011 with a degree in Public Health with a specialization in Community Health. She has over 10 years of experience working in both physical and mental health in Grant county. Current volunteer experiences include over 13 years as a church youth group leader in George, 10 years as a Board Director of the Quincy Community Health Center, and 2 years as a member of the Quincy Rotary. She is a certified Prevention Specialist in Washington State addressing youth substance use and promoting mental health best practices.