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Dr. Nik Bergman
Executive Assistant
Velma Flores
509.787.4571 ext. 3102

About the Superintendent

Nik Bergman

The Quincy School District Board of Directors named Dr. Nik Bergman  Superintendent on February 1, 2022. Dr. Bergman previously served as the Assistant Superintendent at Quincy School District for five and half years. During his educational tenure with the Quincy School District,  Dr. Bergman taught Multilingual Learners and History at Quincy High School and later became Dean of Students at Quincy Jr. High. He also served as Principal at George Elementary before transitioning to Pioneer Elementary.  

Bergman grew up in Davenport, WA, and has lived his entire life in Eastern Washington. He worked on various wheat farms throughout high school and college, driving tractors, wheat trucks, and combines. Nik's experience working in agriculture taught him the value of hard work, patience, humility, and the critical role agriculture plays in our daily lives. Bergman then went on to receive his bachelor's from Eastern Washington University, his master's from Washington State University, and a doctorate from Gonzaga University.  

For almost 20 years, the Quincy Valley has been home to Nik and his family. Nik’s wife Anne works as a Paediatric physical therapist, and they have four children currently attending Quincy Schools. When he is not serving and supporting Quincy School District staff, students, and families, you can find him snow skiing, wake surfing, hunting, or fishing with his family.  

As the Quincy School District Superintendent, Dr. Bergman is committed to implementing and fulfilling the five goals in the QSD Strategic Plan

  • Each student entering kindergarten demonstrates social-emotional and academic readiness and meet or exceed grade-level standards in ELA and math by the end of third grade.  

  • Each student feels culturally accepted, safe, seen, heard, and celebrated so they will contribute to a positive learning community.  

  • Each student experiences rigorous learning that connects to the real world and their futures. 

  • Each student understands their strengths and needs to grow and achieve high levels of academic success to support their desired futures. 

  • Each student successfully navigates pathways to graduate from high school prepared for their next step in education, career, and life. 

If you would like to connect with Dr. Nik Bergman, contact the Quincy School District Office at 509-787-4571 or email 


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