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Request to Use QSD Branding

School logos and mascots are protected by a trademark.
The way that we present Quincy through visual, digital, and written communications helps strengthen our connection with all audiences and promotes our values and vision. Branding guides are an important tool and a best practice to ensure that a consistent tone, look and feel are conveyed.
It takes many people to maintain, promote and protect a brand, and everyone using brand items has a responsibility to uphold these guidelines.
We must all work together to guarantee we present a consistent Quincy Jackrabbit brand image. With that said, any organization/business seeking to use the Quincy School Districts' trade name or trademarks for commercial use must obtain written authorization from the Quincy School District.
At no time may the use of the Quincy School Districts' name(s) (includes school names) or logos/symbol(s) imply or state endorsement of any products or services. Organizations/businesses that would like to use the district's logos/graphics must obtain written authorization by completing the form below.
If approved, the Quincy School District will not collect royalties but encourages organizations/businesses to give back to Quincy youth.
Ways to support Quincy youth:
  • Donate - donate to the Quincy Booster Club (application here) or schools, PVC, other clubs etc...
  • Attend - attend school events - athletics, theater, etc..
  • Volunteer - volunteer at schools, PVC, sporting events etc...
The District reserves the right to deny any use of its trademarks.


Request Form


Complete the form below to request the use of official QSD branding materials.
Once submitted, Quincy School District will review your request and contact you with additional questions and/or schedule a time to review QSD Branding Guidelines before approving/denying your request.
For questions, please contact Jessica Blancas, Communications Coordinator - | 509.787.4571 
Thank you!
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