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Social Media Account Request Form

QSD staff members are allowed to manage social media accounts that represent schools, departments, programs, athletic teams and clubs.

The following types of social media accounts are allowed for departments, programs, classrooms, athletic teams and clubs: Instagram and Facebook page. 

These accounts must be approved by the Communications/Technology Department and all posts on these accounts are public records. Staff must agree to the account owner requirements outlined in the registration form. 

Before requesting an account from the Communication/Technology Department, please discuss your plans for the social media account with your school principal or department administrator. Their approval is required as part of the approval process.

After getting approval from your school principal or department administrator please complete this online form. The form must be completed for each social media account you would like the district to create. 

The Communications/Technology Department will notify your school principal or department administrator after receiving the request form to confirm their approval. 

Once approved, the district will create the requested account and an invitation to become a page editor for the requested social media account will be sent to your personal Facebook account. This account will also be linked to ArchiveSocial, the district tool that archives social media content per state law.

If you are not sure or have questions about the request process, email Shawn Fuller at or Jessica Blancas at

Request Form


**Please submit a separate form for each social media account.
Who will be the account manager?required
First Name
Last Name
Name of school/program/department/club etc.required
What type of social media account do you want to create?required
What is the proposed name of the social media account?required
What is your personal Facebook page's namerequired
How can we find your personal page on Facebook
All account managers must have a personal Facebook page that will be linked to their requested social media account.
If the requested account is approved, then the district will create the account on your behalf. Once the district creates the account, then an invitation to become a page editor will be sent to your personal Facebook account from the social media account that you have requested the district create. 
How do you plan to use this social media account?required
How often do you plan to post on this account?required
Who is your school principal or department administrator?required
First Name
Last Name
Have you discussed your plan to create a social media channel with your school principal or department administrator? requiredPlease note administrator approval is required as part of the approval process.
Please note administrator approval is required as part of the approval process.


As the social media account administrator, I agree to the following social media account manager agreements.

  • The social media account I would like to have set up is for the purpose of communicating information about my school, program, department, athletic team or club with students, families, and/or staff. This page is not intended to replace direct student, family, and staff communication such as course-specific information, deadlines or grades.

  • My principal or department administrator has given me the approval to request and maintain this social media account.

  • My principal or a designee will have administrative access to this social media account at all times and has agreed to periodically monitor the account. 

  •  I will manage this social media account.

  •  I will ensure the account meets the social media provider’s terms of use.

  • I will not post or discuss individual student data on this social media account and will otherwise comply with the data-sharing requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  •  I will not post pictures, video or information on this social media account associated with students who are on the  FERPA opt-out list.

  • I will not discriminate against students or family members who choose not to participate on social media and who therefore do not have access to this account.

  • I will not use this social media account as the exclusive form of communication for my school, program or department, to ensure that those who do not use social media still have access to the information.

  •  I have read and understand Quincy School District Policy No. 4309 and 4309P,

Please type your full name into the box below to confirm you have read and agree to meet these account management requirements.*