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Health Services

The health services team coordinates and provides health and social services to promote a healthy school community. Their priority is keeping children healthy, safe, in school, and ready to learn.

Health Services Department:

Ellen Bush
Lenore Low
  • Student health assessments and planning, including:
    • Emergency Care Plans and delegation of response
    • Individual Health Plans and delegation of procedures, accommodations, etc.
    • Procedure training
    • Medication oversight and training/delegation
    • Liaison between family/medical provider/school
    • Emergency response
  • Participate on SpEd, 504, Behavior teams
  • Coordinate with area medical providers for special events e.g. flu shot clinic, health fairs, etc.
  • State mandated health maintenance e.g. vision and hearing screens, vaccination compliance, etc.
  • Covid-related:
    • Participate on the Health and Safety Team
    • Training for procedural guidelines
    • Trouble-shooting complex situations e.g. quarantine/isolation/symptom uncertainties
    • Support in an ever-changing pandemic situation, providing updates, researching new developments, etc.
    • Attend national, state and local meetings
Support Staff:
Debbie Henne, Administrative Assistant/Central Registrar
Health Para III:
Isabel Diaz
Anilu Rios
Carie Hernandez
  • Assist with Covid protocols e.g. daily check-ins or isolation room
  • Support for health room flow, supplies, student assistance, etc.
  • Immunization compliance
  • Vision and Hearing screens
  • Medication tracking
  • Bilingual phone calls (health related)
  • Projects or assignments as the year progresses
  • Right hand for nurses – liaison between school and nurses