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Social Services

Social Workers

Andrea Cortes, MSW
Cell - 794-9389 (call or text)
Office -787-1678 ext 3945
Tessa Poortinga, MSW
Cell - 237-0826 (call or text)
Office - 787-1678 ext 3940
Office Location
Monument Elementary
1400 13th Ave SW
Quincy, WA
Office Hours
7:30am -4pm 

How does your school social worker serve your students and families?

School social workers act as a link between home, school, and community to provide services to students, families, and school personnel which remove barriers and maximize academic and social success.

What do school social workers do?

  • Listen

  • Help you identify and accomplish your goals
  • Connect you with community resources
  • Think creatively to overcome barriers and create more resources
  • Step in during crisis to help manage and navigate complex situations
  • Follow-up and support you through your growth
  • Help parents and students connect with school resources

Who do school social works partner with?

School social workers work closely with school counselors to support students and families. School counselors are often the first contact.

  • School personnel
  • Parents, guardians, and family members
  • Students
  • Community coalitions
  • Department of Children and Family Services
  • Police Department
  • Mental Health agencies
  • Medical Resources
  • Housing Resources

When should I contact a school social worker?

  • I am in a difficult situation, and I want someone to listen to me
  • A student has concerning behaviors and I am not sure what to do
  • I am concerned that a student might have unstable housing
  • I am concerned a student does not have proper food, clothing, mental health resources
  • I am concerned that a student is being mistreated
  • I am concerned that a student might not be safe
  • A student has poor attendance and might need some support getting to school regularly