Find the good. It’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it.
– Jesse Owens

I recently watched a new YouTube show called Some Good News (SGN). The purpose of the show is to simply show the good in the world and it is amazing how many good news stories there are. In times like these, it is easy to feel despair when all you hear on the news and see on social media is the negative messages around the world. In this edition of the communicator we are focusing on all the good happening right here in our community and am proud that the Quincy Valley has more than its share of good news.

A community group of more than 30 Quincy Valley residents and leaders meet weekly to provide support to the hospital, grocery stores, the local schools, the food bank and Serve Quincy Valley. Convened by Harriet Weber, Lisa Karstetter, Julia Putnam and Cari Mathews, this group called the COVID Response Crisis team has now transitioned to supporting local businesses affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Quincy School District wishes to thank this community support group for stepping up in a time of great need.

Within the Quincy School District, we have a whole lot of good news too. Our food service and transportation workers have risen to the challenge to prepare and deliver more than 1,000 meals daily. We are working on a plan to extend the program to include weekend meals for students in need. At Ancient Lakes Elementary, we are providing daycare for children of hospital workers and first responders. By the time this newsletter is published, we will have distributed approximately 500 Verizon Hotspots and over 1,500 Chromebooks for students K-12. Our students in every corner of our 450 square mile district should now have the tools to participate in remote learning.

More good news can be observed by how Quincy School District Principals and teachers are leaning into some very challenging and difficult changes as they transition to remote learning. They are being asked to change the way they are conceiving of and delivering instruction to students. Our parents are showing great strength as they balance their own jobs and responsibilities while supporting their children to learn in the home.

In my message this quarter, I want to also say thank you to the senior class of 2020. I am proud of what you have accomplished so far and I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in the future. We are very sorry that school facilities had to be closed during your most important year of school. We recognize the anxiety and feelings of loss that many of you are feeling from missing out on those last few months of your senior year. We know how important traditions are and do not minimize the impact this closure has brought. Please know that we have not forgotten about you and are working hard to figure out the best way to celebrate you and your accomplishments as you finish the last lap of your educational journey in the Quincy School District. Please continue to participate in your studies, ask for support from your teachers, and provide support and encouragement to each other.

Quincy people are at their best when times get difficult. It is so inspiring to watch a community come together to support each other through this difficult pandemic and I know we will come out of this better on the other side. We are also proud to honor former Quincy graduates in this edition that work as first responders and in the healthcare industry.



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“I believe that it’s almost impossible for people to change alone. We need to join others who will push us in our thinking and challenge us to do things we didn’t believe ourselves capable of.”

- Frances Moore Lappe

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