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Dear Monument Families
We want to share our schedule with you to continue to communicate with families.
Monument Schedule:
The earliest time students may arrive to school
Monday 9:00 Tuesday-Friday 7:45
Breakfast and recess time:
Monday 9:00-9:25
Tuesday-Friday 7:45-8:10
Class begins:
Monday 9:30
Tuesday-Friday 8:15
Morning recess:
None on Monday
Tuesday - Friday 9:15-9:30
Lunch and recess:
Monday - Friday
Grades K, 1, 2,  11:30 - 12:15
Grades 3, 4, 5    12:00 - 12:45
School is dismissed 3:00 PM
Thank you for continuing to check your children for signs of illness daily before sending them to school. If students have any potential illness symptoms, please do not send your child to school. Please call our school office at 787-9826 for further guidance or to excuse an absence. 
Masks will be required for all students, staff, and visitors when indoors. When outdoors for PE classes or recesses, students may remove their masks.
If you have a different plan for after school for your child, please call our office before 2PM that we can get the message to your child's teacher. Your child's safety is important to us!


Anyone assisting at school or helping out on a field trip must complete a Quincy School District Volunteer.
All volunteers must be have a recent approved volunteer form before volunteering in any school district event.

English Volunteer Form     /     Spanish Volunteer Form   




We are very exicted that Monument Elementary School will begin the 2021-22 school year



Volunteer English        Volunteer Spanish

Monument Elementary is a PBIS school

PBIS is short for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and it is a way to create a safer school using evidence-based practices and data.  The main parts of our PBIS program are:

  • We have three personal standards that we expect every student to follow throughout the school.  They are listed on posters in many areas of the school.  The students are taught these standards throughout the school year.  The three personal standards are:
                              1. Show Respect
                              2. Make Good Decisions
                              3. Solve Problems
  • We teach all students what is expected of them in every part of the school.  At least twice a year, we take all students to each part of the school (playground, cafeteria, classroom, etc.) and review the procedures and expectations for that area.
  • Staff members reinforce students when they demonstrate the three personal standards by praising students.  Staff members also give students  Monument Money  when they are doing what is expected, and it can be used to purchase fun monthly experiences.  Teachers also have different ways to reward student behavior in their classroom.
  • When students do not do what is expected of them, a staff member will politely ask the child to change his/her behavior.  If that does not work or if the child is being unsafe, the staff member will ask the student to reflect in writing on what a better choice would have been.  At that time, the student calls his/her parent to let them know about their choice.
  • For students who repeatedly do not follow the expectations of the school, we work with the child’s family to provide more support to help the child follow the expectations of the school.

Thanks to our PBIS program, Monument Elementary continues to become safer, more inclusive, and more supportive for all students.  

Monument Elementary

                 1400 13th Ave. SW
                 Quincy, WA 98848

                 Phone:  509-787-9826
                 Fax:      509-787-8974

     Hours:      Mon:           9:30-3:00
                      Tues-Fri:     8:15-3:00

Principal: Mr. Phillip Averill

Ms. Maxine Marshall
Administrative Assistant, Principal

Mrs. Alejandra Ramos
Attendance Secretary

Mrs. Amayrany Zepeda
Parent Liaison

Mrs. Dianne Stewart

Upcoming Events

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