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          I along with the entire Mountain View staff are excited to start a new year of learning with your child. We are here to provide the best education possible for each individual student. This means that at Mountain View we will provide a rich and rigorous core curriculum for all students to prepare them for the future, as well as provide any additional necessary support. We will spend time teaching and fostering social skills as students interact with each other, adults, and learn more about the world in which they live.
          This is a special year for Mountain View, and for the Quincy School District. We are very excited to be a smaller neighborhood school where we can foster the growth of students for up to six years. We know this will provide stability for your child. Some of our students are returning to Mountain View, and some are brand new. Our awaiting staff are ready to welcome each student as a Mountain View Jackrabbit!
We believe that the school and families must work together to ensure the success for our students. I invite and encourage you to get involved with our school this year. We need your support and we would love to see you join our Parent Volunteer Committee, volunteer time in classrooms or on field trips, or join some of our school committees. We invite you to be an active part of your student’s academic journey. Research on schools clearly demonstrates that parent participation in their child’s school coincides with a greater likelihood of academic success for their child.
          It is an honor to be the principal of Mountain View. I am fully committed to providing the highest quality educational experience for every student. I not only want each student to learn and grow in academics and social skills, but I want them to love learning and find joy in school and in their educational journey. We have an outstanding staff of talented educators. We look forward getting to know you and your students this year. I welcome your input. Please feel free to call or email me to discuss any concerns or questions you might have throughout the school year. Our friendly office staff are here until 4:00 PM and would be happy to assist you in anyway.
          Thank you for sending your child to Mountain View. It is a privilege to serve a positive and impactful role in your child’s education. Let’s celebrate their success together along the way. Welcome to the Mountain View Jacks family!!

Tiffany Viall, Principal
Mountain View Elementary

 Open House graphicMountain View Open House
September 19th
Come and meet your student’s teachers!
Join our Parent Volunteer Committee!

The Importance of Student Attendance

If you are a parent of a school aged student I am sure you have heard someone say “attendance matters” or “attendance is important.”  But what does that truly mean?  How important is it really to attend school regularly?

 So first let’s start with some basic facts.  The school calendar we work with accounts for 180 academic school days for our students.  Research shows that a student should be present 95% of the time to meet regular attendance standards.  In a 180 day school year, that means the student should be present at least 171 school days to be considered in regular attendance.   This means that if a student misses 10 or more school days in the school year they fall into the “at risk” category.  If your child misses an average of one school day per month then your child falls into the category of an “at risk” student. 

So what is the danger of being an “at risk” student?  Research clearly shows that students who miss 10 or more school days will be adversely affected in their learning.  In fact, 64% of students who have regular attendance will meet reading standard by the end of 3rd grade.  However, only 43% of students who are “at risk” in attendance during their Kindergarten or 1st grade year will meet reading standard by the end of their 3rd grade year.  Research also shows, that students who do not meet grade level in reading by their 3rd grade year or 4x less likely to graduate high school. 

 Attendance Matters Graph

Summer Fun

Summer vacation is an exciting time for many students. The students no longer have to wake up early, no longer have to go to school, no longer have to read.  However, if students stop doing these things all summer it can have a drastic effect on all the information they worked so hard to learn during the year.  The process of students losing information is known as the “summer slide.”  The summer slide is real, in fact research shows that some students can lose as much as two months of reading progress.  That is like missing approximately 40 days of school in one year!

Parents can help students maintain the learning skills they have developed by helping their kids complete academic tasks into their daily routine. These don’t have to be difficult or necessarily follow a “set curriculum.”  The students simply need to continue using their brain, practice basic math skills, and interact with books and reading all summer.  

Your children should also try to do the following every day so their child stays healthy and happy.

  1. Eat vegetables with their meals
  2. Enjoy healthy snacks like fresh fruit
  3. Drink several glasses of water a day
    • The more they sweat they more they need to drink
  4. Play/exercise outside for 60 minutes a day
  5. Challenge their brain in a math activity
  6. Read and discuss a story/book with an adult.
  7. Get at least 10 hours of sleep a night
    • It is important to maintain a routine of going to bed a certain time and waking up at a set time.

Click on the link to gain access to a fun bingo card your children can use to track their healthy habits every day!

Healthy Brain Bingo Game

The Quincy Public Library has a list of great activities to participate in all summer and they are free of charge!

Quincy Public Library Collage

Here is a link to their website http://www.ncrl.org/locations/quincy-public-library. The link below shows a list of all the fun summer activities. 

Library Summer Activities Calendar


Como Ayudarle a su Niño Durante El Verano!

Verano 2019

Vacaciones de Verano es un tiempo de emociones para muchos estudiantes. Los estudiantes no se tienen que despertar temprano, no más de venir a la escuela, y nos de leer.  Aunque, si los estudiantes paran de hacer todas esas cosas todo el verano podría hacer un drástico efecto en toda la información que ellos han trabajado tan duro en aprender durante el año. El proceso a que los estudiantes pierden información que es conocido como “deslizamiento de verano” (summer slide).  ¡Esto es real!  En efecto, investigación demuestra que algunos estudiantes pueden perder hasta dos meses del progreso de lectura. ¡Esto es perdiendo aproximadamente 40 días de clases en un año!

Padres puede ayudar a los estudiantes en mantener las habilidades de aprendizajes que ellos han desarrollado en ayudar a sus hijos a incorporar las tareas académicas a sus rutinas diarias. Esto no debe de ser difícil o necesario en seguir un “currículo.” Los estudiantes simplemente necesitan en continuar usando sus cerebros, practicando matemáticas básicas, interactuar con los libros y leer todo el verano. 

Sus hijos deben de tratar en hacer lo siguiente todos los días para que sus hijos se mantengan saludables y feliz.  

  1. Comer vegetales con sus comidas
  2. Disfrutar meriendas saludables como fruta fresca
  3. Tomar varios vasos de agua al día
    • Lo más que ellos sudan mas necesitan tomar
  4. Jugar/ejercicio afuera por 60 minutos al día
  5. Retar su cerebro en actividades de matemáticas
  6. Leer y discutir una historia/libro con un adulto
  7. Tomar por lo menos 10 horas de descanso en la noche
    • Es importante en mantener una rutina de llevarlos a dormir a cierta hora y despertarse a una hora.

Haga un Click en la página para acceso tarjetas de bingo para sus niños pueden usar para repasar su hábitos saludables cada día.

Bingo del Cerebro Sano

¡La biblioteca pública de Quincy tiene una lista de buenas actividades para participar todo el verano y son gratis!  

Quincy Public Library Collage

Calendario de Actividades de la Biblioteca

3rd grade shapes web


Mountain View 3rd grade students have been learning attributes of geometric shapes. They made posters detailing quadrilaterals such as parallelograms, squares, rhombuses, and trapezoids. They also had to describe and explain why a shape did not have certain attributes as well. This will set the foundation for geometry in the upper grades. Students have been able to recognize attributes of shapes around them, even noticing aspects such as acute or obtuse angles. We are very proud of them!

Mountain View Elementary

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Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-787-4548
Fax: 509-787-9025

Hours: Mon 9:30-3:00, Tues-Fri: 8:10-3:00

Principal: Ms. Tiffany Viall

School Counselor:
Amy Barnett

Administrative Assistant:
Cathie Wind

Administrative Assistant:
Christina Morales

Parent Liason:
Esther Mendoza

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