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 Welcome to Pioneer Elementary Counseling Page!!!!!!


Hello!!! I would like to introduce myself; I am Gus Winter, Pioneer Elementary School Counselor. I have been working in this position at Pioneer since January of 2018. In Prior years, I worked as a Police Officer, School Resource Officer (K-12), and Mental Health counselor.

At Pioneer, I provide support to students, parents, and staff. This support may include: school counseling classroom lessons (All Social Emotional Learning (SEL) topics such as: Anti-bullying, Conflict Resolution, self-regulation, Character traits, and Empathy just to name a few.), short-term counseling to students, referrals for long-term support to appropriate internal and external agencies, collaboration with families/teachers/ administrators/ community for student success, advocacy for students at individual education plan meetings, and 504 plan meetings.

It is our passion at Pioneer Elementary to support our students and parents in building the foundation for their future academic, career and social / emotional development.

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School Counselor Contact Information

Gus E. Winter M Ed. 

Phone:  509-787-1595 (EXT# 3438)                                                  


Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Student / Parent Counselor Contact form


** This page is a work in progress!!!!    So, please continue to check back and explore the information **


Family Resources

Virtual Calming Room (click here) 

 05 Hilarious Dog Memes

 Relaxation Mindfulness Calming Exercise Book (Student/Parent/Teacher Guided)


Virtual Activities Link:



pdfFamily Resources.pdf


Character Trait Lessons from Spring 2020 On-Line Learning:



SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Resources

Sanford-Harmony Website Login  


QSD Character Trait of the Month Lessons and Information: 

September: KINDNESS                                         

Sesame Street: "Try a Little Kindness" song                          

Reading of "Be Kind" book

"Kindness is a Muscle" sing-along song

Color Your World with Kindness

"Kindness is Cooler by Mrs. Ruler"

"A little Spot of Kindness" 

Relationship/Friendship Building Lessons and Information:

Sesame Street "What is a Friend"

Sesame Street-Friendship with Elmo

"The Key to Being Good Friends"

Let's Be Friends song


Zones of Regulation Lessons and Information:                           

Zone of Regulation Informational video

Introduction to Zones of Regulation

Zones Song

Zones of Regulation (Song)

Zones of Regulation Check In (Teacher/Parent Information Video)

Zone of Regulation Website  

Zone of Regulation Reproducables (Teachers resource)


Mindfulness Lessons and Information:                                                        

Mindful Ozzy Intruduces Mindfulness (Pre-K to 2nd grade)

Breathe and Relax - WonderGrove Video (Pre-k to 2nd grade)

Square Breathing - Relax and Calm (Kinder - 2nd grade)

Relaxation Mindfulness Calming Exercise Book (Student/Parent/Teacher Guided)


Mindfulness in the Classroom (Teacher training) 

Mindfulness Explained (Teacher/Parent)

"I am Peace" a narrated book on Mindfulness 


Self Regulation / Emotions / How the Brain works / Behavior Information: 

Why do we lose Control of our Emotions?

Hand Model of the Brain (Dan Siegel Model)

Don Siegel Hand Model of the Brain (teacher/parent/Grade 3 up)

Dan Siegel Hand/Brain Model (Teacher/Parent/Grade 3-up instructional-Short)


Virtual/Online Classroom Rules/Etiquette Information: 

Virtual Class Rules 

Rules in the Online Classroom

Virtual Classroom Rules - by Aldrin Yumang 

Virtual Classroom Rules by Villa del Rey

Online Classroom Rules

Proper Etiquette in an Online Classroom

Online Classroom Rules - Listen and Repeat


Bonus Video: 

7 Fun online Games for Kinder




More to be added!!!!!



  • Grant County Mental Healthcare
    • 203 Central Ave. S
    • Quincy, WA 98848
    • Quincy Office: 509.787.4466
    • Moses Lake Office: 509.765.9239
    • Crisis Line: 509.765.1717 or 1.877.467.4303
  • Quincy Community Health Center
    • 1450 1st Ave. SW
    • Quincy, WA 98848
    • 509.787.6423
  • Grant Count PARC (Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Use)
    • 840 E Plum ST
    • Moses Lake, WA 98837
    • 509.765.5402
  • Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment
    • 327 Okanogan Ave.
    • Wenatchee, WA 98801
    • 509.662.9673
  • Good Grief Center
    • 1610 5th St.
    • Wenatchee, WA 98801
    • 509.662.6069

Pioneer Elementary

224 J Street SE
Quincy, WA 98848

Phone: 509-787-1595
Fax: 509-787-2583

Hours: Mon 9:30-3:00, Tues-Fri: 8:10-3:00

Principal:  Ms. Alesha Porter
School Counselor:
Gus Winter

Administrative Assistant:
Ana Argueta

Administrative Assistant:
Zoila Castillo

Parent Liaison:
Lisset Tamayo Ibal

Upcoming Events

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