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English Language Learners


Director of Support Programs and Services

Victoria Hodge
Program Coordinator
Mandy Horsell             

Equitable Opportunities for English Learners

Quincy School District is committed to ensure language learners achieve the promise that all students graduate from high school prepared for their next step in their education, career, and life, through a system that ...
  • Provides activities and opportunities to honor the diverse language and culture of students
  • Uses instruction that builds academic and language skills
  • Promotes partnerships with parents, families, and the community

Supports and Services for Language Learners

Quincy School District’s system for English Learners is designed to ensure students learn English and participate in classroom instruction.
  • All language learners are placed in classrooms with teachers who use strategies to help language learners understand classroom instruction.
  • During a portion of their school day, teachers intentionally teach English to language learners using content from their academic instruction.
  • Some students also participate in additional instruction with a language teacher based upon their language level using research based instructional materials.

If you would like to discuss your child’s progress in English Language development, please contact the school to set up an appointment with your building TBIP/Language teacher.


About the Transitional Bilingual Program for English Learners

The Transitional Bilingual program collaborates with general education and other programs and services to support language learners and their families for student success.
Program Goals
  • Use data about language learning to plan and adjust instruction for students.
  • Implement specialized support for language learners in the classroom
  • Provide language instruction to learners at all levels