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Support Services

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21 J St. S.E.
Quincy, WA 98848
Phone: 509.787.8992 
Fax: 509. 787.8995 

Support Services personnel located in downtown Quincy - 509 Central Ave. Quincy WA, 98848 

The Team

Victoria Hodge, Director of Support Services and Programs

Migrant Education


The QSD Special Education department believes in ensuring all students receive individualized supports and services related to their disability/exceptionality in an inclusive culture that will lead to increased student achievement and outcomes aligned with our District Strategic Plan, a collective vision for our student's success.


The QSD department values and is committed to utilizing data and assessment to take us from where we are currently, and to where we want to be in the future.  Data will be used to drive instruction and progress monitoring essential for student success, as well as providing each student access to core curriculum and materials appropriate for their success. Special Education and General Education will work collaboratively in focused teams to address the unique needs of students on Individual Education Programs (IEP's), creating and implementing an IEP designed to provide special education and related services necessary to access a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for all eligible students.